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Benefits of LPG Systems


Depending on the type of your lpg system, you might have a cost saving of 40 - 50 %, which means you may recover the costs of the installation in a short time. Click here to calculate your savings.


Lpg is an ecological fuel with lower CO2 and particulate emissions in comparison to petrol and diesel fuels, making it a better choice for the environment.

High Performance

With a new generation lpg injection system, your car will have the same performance as in petrol mode. Lpg has a higher octane rate than petrol, therefore converted engines actually have an increased power output.


Lpg is considered as safe as any conventional automotive fuel. The components of an lpg system are designed and produced with a lot of safety features. Lpg tanks are far more puncture resistant than the plastic petrol tanks used in modern cars.

Longer Range

By using a bi-fuel car you may cover much longer distances until the next refuelling. Depending on the capacity of the lpg tank on your car, you may double the distance that you normally travel on petrol.

Lower Maintenance

LPG is a cleaner burning fuel than petrol, so engine life is actually extended. Engine oil and spark plugs need changing less often with LPG, so service intervals can be increased.

21 Years
35 Countries
70 Dealers
140000 pcs
80000 pcs
24 Months

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