New Reducers

We expanded the family of Nazorati sequential injection reducers with two new products.

Our new reducers, "ATOM" and "ATOM XS", are designed for vehicles with 4-cylinder sequential or direct injection engines. Our new reducers can be used on vehicles up to 150 HP.

The new "ATOM" reducer saves the installer from the need to use an additional lpg valve with the built-in solenoid valve and filter, and saves the user both time and money. Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be mounted even in the smallest spaces in the engine compartment.

As the name implies, we offer ATOM XS model as one of the world's smallest reducers. Unlike ATOM model, ATOM XS reducer does not have an internal solenoid valve and filter. ATOM XS, which attracts attention with its very economical price, saves users who already have a gas valve in their vehicle from unnecessary expenses.

Our new reducers have been produced to offer our customers the most affordable products without sacrificing quality. We have used French diaphragms that offer very stable pressure, hence excellent driving comfort. We are proud to present ATOM and ATOM XS reducers, which we have developed for our customers with superior Nazorati quality.