AEB MP48OBD Electronic Controller


Installation Manual


AEB MP48 OBD electronic control unit is provided with complementary software, which can monitor large amount of parameters such as:

- Temperature of gas,

- Level of gas,

- Pressure of gas,

- Petrol injection time,

- Engine speed, etc..

All information possessed by AEB MP48 OBD software are used to fulfil the key objective, which is setting appropriate composition of autogas mixture. In order to do so, software considers the petrol injection time and the pressure on the rail. Thanks to this comparison, the calculation of the equivalent amount of gas to be injected in the intake manifold can be processed. Main objective of this task is to simply replicate performance of the engine running on petrol.

In addition, thanks to ongoing measurement of all parameters by diagnosis system, software is also able to provide information on potential errors in electronic control unit as well as other elements of an autogas installation. Those include injector rails, reducer as well as gas filter and other components.

AEB MP48 OBD, as the name states is equipped with OBD communication protocol and can read some of parameters straight from the engine. Therefore the calibration is relatively easy as most of work is done automatically. It is now even easier thanks to autocalibration function, which was re-engineered to allow even quicker and more reliable calibration than before. Furthermore thanks to the combination of MP48OBD and P+T MAP sensor, the installation steps are further simplified and the costs highly reduced.

MP48 OBD is equipped with a 48-PIN new generation automotive connector, with an IP high protection degree (6K9K) against water infiltrations and an easy leverage system for cable connection/disconnection. It can support engines with up to 4 cylinders.

Technical Specifications

Product Code


Supply Voltage


Operating Temperature

-40°C / +110°C

Current Absorption with the Actuators Disabled

Imax ≤0.5A

Current Absorption in Stanby Mode

Istandby ≤0.5A

Actuators Managed

up to 4 injectors with the following characteristics Imax=6, Vbatt,max=16V;


2 power outputs for gas solenoid valves

IP Class


Map Sensor


Water Temperature Sensor


Level Sensors Managed

AEB1050, 0-90Ω, 110-0Ω, non-standard