Electronic Controllers

Electronic Controllers

The adoption of sequential lpg injection for petrol engines has various advantages: optimal fuel dosage achieving mixtures with the correct stoichiometric ratio, excellent fuel consumption, reduced pollutant emissions, improved performance etc.. Petrol engines are controlled by an electronic control unit (ECU) which, according to a number of parameters, determines instant by instant the duration of the fuel injection. The main types of original injection systems for petrol engines are:

Indirect Injection Systems (Port Fuel Injection – PFI) featuring petrol injectors upstream of the intake valves.

Direct Injection Systems (Gasoline Direct Injection – GDI / Fuel Stratified Injection – FSI) featuring injectors located in the combustion chamber. This provides an increase in performance as well as a reduction in consumption and emissions.

To convert an injection engine from petrol to lpg it is necessary to use a second electronic controller alongside the original ecu. The gas ecu manages the alternative fuel supply, optimizing the engine performance and subsequent emissions. 

Nazorati offers its customers two different electronic controllers, made by the famous Italian companies AEB and Autronic. The controllers produced by these companies can be used on all the engine types described above.