Ultima Sequential Injection Kits

Ultima Sequential Injection Kits

 Ultima sequential injection systems are developed by the colloboration of Italian and Turkish technologies. These systems have been designed and created to operate on all vehicles with 4th generation indirect injection engines. The vehicles are fueled with lpg or cng, while maintaining the exhaust emission values at the same level with the original standards of the vehicle.  

Ultima gas injection systems are fully compatible with all types of sequential, semi-sequential, full-group engines from 3 to 8 cylinders. The systems are operated by electronic controllers designed and produced in Italy by Autronic, a well known manufacturer of electronic components for autogas systems. Nazorati distributes Autronic products in Turkey and in foreign markets under the name “Ultima”.  

Mechanical components of the systems are designed and produced by Nazorati with the latest technology. All components of the systems perfectly compliment each other and offer the best price/performance ratio in comparison to the other systems. 

Ultima sequential injection kits are one of the most advanced conversion equipment on the market, the electronic controllers strictly replicate the operations of the petrol ecu, and in this way offer the users an unchanged driving experience of their car while maintaining the emission values defined in Euro 6 regulation.